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Acetaminophen Prescription Drug Warning

More Than Half Of Manufacturers Have Voluntarily Complied With The Fda Request.

 Of all forms of tobacco, cigarettes are the most deadly ? and cause medical and financial burdens for millions of Americans.? Twenty years ago male smokers were about twice as likely as female smokers to die early from smoking-related disease. The new report finds that women are now dying at rates as high as men from many of these diseases, including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and heart disease . In fact, death from COPD is now greater in women than in men. ?Today, we're asking Americans to join a sustained effort to make the next generation a tobacco-free generation,? said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. ?This is not something the federal government can do alone. We need to partner with the business community, local elected officials, schools and universities, the medical community, the faith community, and committed citizens in communities across the country to make the next generation tobacco free.? Although youth smoking rates declined by half between 1997 and 2011, each day another 3,200 children under age 18 smoke their first cigarette, and another 2,100 youth and young adults become daily smokers. Every adult who dies prematurely from smoking is replaced by two youth and young adult smokers. The report concludes that the tobacco industry started and sustained this epidemic using aggressive marketing strategies to deliberately mislead the public about the harms of smoking. The evidence in the report emphasizes the need to accelerate and sustain successful tobacco control efforts that have been underway for decades.

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Fda Requested This Action To Protect Consumers From The Risk Of Severe Liver Damage Which Can Result From Taking Too Much Acetaminophen.

5.6 Million U.S. Children Premature Smoking Deaths

Fda Will Address Otc Acetaminophen Products In Another Regulatory Action.

 In January 2011 FDA asked manufacturers of prescription combination drug products containing acetaminophen to limit the amount of acetaminophen to no more than 325 mg in each tablet or capsule by January 14, 2014. FDA requested this action to protect consumers from the risk of severe liver damage which can result from taking too much acetaminophen. This category of prescription drugs combines acetaminophen with another ingredient intended to treat pain (most often an opioid), and these products are commonly prescribed to consumers for pain, such as pain from acute injuries, post-operative pain, or pain following dental procedures. Acetaminophen is also widely used as an over-the-counter (OTC) pain and fever medication, and is often combined with other ingredients, such as cough and cold ingredients. FDA will address OTC acetaminophen products in another regulatory action. Many consumers are often unaware that many products (both prescription and OTC) contain acetaminophen, making it easy to accidentally take too much. More than half of manufacturers have voluntarily complied with the FDA request.

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Strategies Help Reduce Underage Drinking

 NIH Study: Research-Based Strategies Help Reduce Underage Drinking Parenting and Healthy Eating Slideshow Pictures Strategies recommended by the Surgeon General to reduce underage drinking have shown promise when put into practice, according to scientists at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health. These approaches include nighttime restrictions on young drivers and strict license suspension policies, interventions focused on partnerships between college campuses and the community, and routine screening by physicians to identify and counsel underage drinkers. NIAAA researchers Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., and Aaron White, Ph.D., evaluated studies conducted since the 2007 ?Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking.? A report of their findings appears in the January issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. ?The downward trend in underage drinking and alcohol-related traffic deaths indicates that certain policies and programs put in place at the federal, state, and local levels have had an impact,? said NIAAA Acting Director Kenneth R. Warren, Ph.D.

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Easier Way For Doctors To Identify Substance Abuse?

 "The advantage is that the health care professional has been trained in providing the treatment safely and under controlled conditions," Luke said. Alternative over-the-counter treatments include salicylic acid, which softens or loosens warts so they fall off or are easy to remove, the FDA said. However, Luke said warts often disappear without any treatment. -- Robert Preidt Copyright © 2014 HealthDay. All rights reserved. SOURCE: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, news release, Jan.

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California's Latest Radio And Television Campaign, Called Welcome To Answers, "actually Pounds Home The Issue Of Affordability," Lee Said.


FDA Warns of Fires From Wart Removers

Richard Saitz, Chair And Professor Of Community Health Sciences At Boston University School Of Public Health, Said In A University News Release.


 "We found that single questions may be useful in both screening and preliminary assessment" of substance-use severity, lead author Dr. Richard Saitz, chair and professor of community health sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, said in a university news release. "Instead of extensive interviews or long questionnaires, which are a barrier to screening in primary care settings, this approach may make it much easier to identify and appropriately address unhealthy substance use," added Saitz. The participants were asked how many times in the past year they had consumed five or more drinks in a day (men) and four or more drinks in a day (women). They were also asked how many times in the past year they had used an illegal drug or used a prescription medicine for nonmedical reasons. The alcohol-use screening question detected 88 percent of people with alcohol dependence. The drug-use question identified 97 percent of those with drug dependence, the researchers say. The results were similar to those achieved with longer screening tests, according to the study, published in the January issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

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The Alcohol-use Screening Question Detected 88 Percent Of People With Alcohol Dependence.

State Health Insurance Marketplaces Boost Outreach Efforts

 "We have shown that the premiums have been reduced by 53 percent in New York, even before you take tax credits into account," she said. California's latest radio and television campaign, called Welcome to Answers, "actually pounds home the issue of affordability," Lee said. Copyright © 2014 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Potential A1c Test Alternative; Glucose Meter Recall

 We found that fructosamine and glycated albumin were strongly associated with retinopathy and kidney disease. [T]hese associations were similar to those observed for [A1C] with these outcomes,? noted lead study author Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH. According to the researchers, these results suggest that fructosamine and glycated albumin may be useful alternatives for monitoring long-term blood glucose control in people for whom the A1C test is invalid. ?Further studies are need to understand the value of these tests in the clinic,? said Selvin. For more information, read the press release from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health or see the study?s abstract in the journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. And to learn more about the A1C test, click here .

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Lose Weight With the New American Plate Challenge

They Will Also Receive E-mails Of Encouragement From Aicr?s Registered Dietitians, Along With Access To Personal Online Journals And Community Forums.

To Register For The New American Plate Challenge, Click Here .

 But the physical stress reaction is sparked by that ?danger? message we send from our head. Shakespeare wrote, ?there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.? In other words, it is our own label that dictates how we will respond to the external forces we blame for our stress. One more thing? Lest this essay be taken as a simple antistress message, let me conclude with this: The body?s stress response is miraculous! It really is. If I?m ever in real physical danger, I know that chemical reaction will be there to get me through it the best way nature can.

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It's Not All in Your Head (But Your Head Can Help)

 The 12-week program, which was developed with over 2,000 pilot participants, is intended to help Americans lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. As part of the New American Plate Challenge, participants ? or Challengers, as they will be known ? will receive 12 weekly e-mail challenges, each focused on a specific, achievable lifestyle goal. They will also receive e-mails of encouragement from AICR?s registered dietitians, along with access to personal online journals and community forums. ?There?s no counting calories or adding points,? noted Alice Bender, AICR Associate Director for Nutrition Programs. ?The New American Plate Challenge provides a simple, visual model that?s all about proportion and portion size. And we know it works.? On average, participants in the pilot program lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off their waistlines over the course of 12 weeks. Many of them lost much more. To register for the New American Plate Challenge, click here .

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Surgeon General Releases Grim New Smoking Warning Have You Ever Worried That A Gluten-free Treat May Still Be Hiding A Smidgen Of Wheat?


The Scanner Sorts The Photons By Wavelength And Counts Them To Decipher The Chemical Compounds In The Food.


       Surgeon General?s Grim New Report Links Smoking to Diabetes, Colon Cancer   Jan 17, 2014 4:35pm ABC News? Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou reports: Half a century after cigarette smoking was formally linked to lung cancer, health officials are adding to the list of diseases that can be caused by cigarette smoking. According to a new Surgeon General report released Friday, smoking can cause diabetes, colorectal and liver cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, erectile dysfunction, impaired fertility and immune system weakness. The report also concludes that second-hand smoking could cause strokes for nonsmokers. ?The Health Consequences of Smoking -50 Years of Progress? was released Friday in honor of the landmark 1964 Surgeon General report that officially tied cigarette smoking to lung cancer. Since the first report was published 50 years ago, more than 20 million Americans have died because of smoking. The new report concludes that cigarette smoking kills nearly half a million Americans per year. If the current rates continue, approximately 5.6 million children ? one out of every 13 alive today ? will die prematurely of smoking-related causes, according to the report. In a press conference Friday morning, Acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak explained that smokers today have a greater risk of developing lung cancer than smokers did 50 years ago.

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Shooting Lasers at Your Food to Reveal Calories

The New Report Concludes That Cigarette Smoking Kills Nearly Half A Million Americans Per Year.

 17, 2014 By GILLIAN MOHNEY via Good Morning America TellSpec deduces what's in your food. Have you ever worried that a gluten-free treat may still be hiding a smidgen of wheat? You're not alone. More than 1,700 people have donated money to an online fundraiser to distribute a new device called a TellSpec , which its creator claims can deduce exactly what is in your food, from gluten to mercury, by using a laser. The TellSpec, a kind of spectrometer, ?reads? food by sending a beam of light into your meal and examining the photons emitted from the food molecules, according to its inventor. The scanner sorts the photons by wavelength and counts them to decipher the chemical compounds in the food. The results are then run through a complicated algorithm that sends the relevant information to your phone.

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Judge Recuses Herself From Life Support Pregnancy Case

 "The grieving process as a whole for me and my husband and Erick [Munoz's husband] won't happen until she's off life support." Read about how Christmas was Munoz's favorite holiday and a confusing time for her family. According to the motion filed in Tarrant County District Court on Tuesday, another state law may trump the law that forbids the hospital from withdrawing life support. The Texas Health and Safety Code defines death as the "irreversible cessation of the person's spontaneous respiratory and circulatory functions," the motion reads. Since Munoz has lost all brain stem activity, this law could apply to her, it says.

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As Weight Rises In People With Diabetes, So Does Death Risk: Study News

 As Weight Rises in People With Diabetes, So Does Death Risk: Study Related Health News By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Jan. 15, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Excess weight might increase the risk of premature death among people with type 2 diabetes, according to a large new study that could upend earlier research. And the heavier a person is, the greater their risk of dying early. These latest findings call into question previous studies that found an "obesity paradox." Those results suggested that being overweight might actually provide some protection from dying. "We wanted to address the so-called obesity paradox," said the study's lead author, Deirdre Tobias, a research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. "It seemed implausible." "In our much larger data set, I think this data supports the conclusion that the obesity paradox is a myth for those with type 2 diabetes," Tobias said. Being overweight or obese is a well-established risk factor for premature death from conditions such as heart disease or cancer, according to background information in the study.

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Health Tip: Is Your Blood Sugar Low at Night? news

 Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia, according to the task force. It can also increase the risk of labor complications, because the baby grows to be larger than normal. After birth, the baby is at risk of developing low blood sugar levels because the baby's body is used to responding to high levels of blood sugar in the mother. Moyer said there's also some evidence that babies born to mothers who have gestational diabetes might be more likely to become obese later in life. Women who have had gestational diabetes also have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. Early treatment -- with lifestyle changes, blood sugar monitoring and insulin, if needed -- can help reduce the risks during pregnancy and delivery for the mother, as well as the risks to the baby, according to the recommendations. The test to screen for gestational diabetes is simple and cost-effective, Moyer said. In 2008, the task force found the evidence inconclusive for recommending universal screening for gestational diabetes either before or after 24 weeks. In the latest recommendations, however, the task force found sufficient evidence to say all pregnant women should be screened for gestational diabetes after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

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U.S. Panel Urges Diabetes Screening for All Pregnant Women news

 Health Tip: Is Your Blood Sugar Low at Night?Related Health News(HealthDay News) -- While you sleep, blood sugar levels may drop too low. Even if you don't wake up during the episode, there are some signs to look for when you wake to see if your blood sugar was too low during the night.The Joslin Diabetes Center offers these potential warning signs:Sweating at night, and waking up with damp sheets and pajamas.Waking up with a headache.

Panel Urges Diabetes Screening For All Pregnant Women News

Health Tip: Is Your Blood Sugar Low At Night?Having nightmares.

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